A fortuitous meeting with a perfumer led Dorothée Piot to enter this profession which she undertakes with unstinting passion. A graduate of ISIP (International Perfume Institute), she furthered her training alongside perfume creators and flavourists. She drew great benefit from this exchange to enrich her own pallet, and to adopt a quite unique signature style.



She went on to join the Senior Perfumer team at Dragoco, before heading off to New York for a year to embrace other markets, and then made her return to France with Charabot. In 2010, Dorothée joined the team at Robertet Paris.
“Natural” for Dorothée means the opportunity to be close to the ingredients and products, working subtly with these unprocessed materials so as to instil them with her own undying passion. She prefers simple accords so as to “facet” the product whilst retaining its authentic notes.