The Pandemic, The Enemy Of Travel

Which person would have believed, barely two years ago that his travels were going to be limited to France, that he would need a health pass to get around or participate in a concert or an activity. Reservations in France, long shunned by the French, arouse real enthusiasm on their part. Spain and Portugal have just been deprecated as a vacation spot.

The Vertiginous Fall Of Travel

The French sky has lost, since March 2020 more than 1.2 million flights according to Eurocontrol. 2,059 daily flights were recorded in the French sky, or -56% compared to 2019. Eurocontrol estimates the activity in 2021 to be 45% of that recorded in 2019. The busiest airport, namely Paris Charles de Gaulle , reached an unprecedented drop, or around 514 flights per day, a decrease of 64% compared to 2019. International passenger traffic is down 86.6% compared to the pre-crisis level on the first two month of the year 2021. For the whole of 2021, the turnover global air transport is expected to reach $ 458 billion. This represents only 55% of the $ 838 billion generated in 2019, but it represents an increase of 23% from the $ 372 billion generated in 2020. Passenger traffic turnover is expected to reach $ 231 billion in 2021, up from 189 billion dollars in 2020, but far from the 607 billion dollars generated in 2019. In 2022 air traffic is expected to reach 71% (compared to 2019). While internal lines have limited the domino effect with a drop of only 23% in activity over the last week of May 2021, international ones are struggling to attract customers due to sanitary bans (-67% ). While Air France posted a balance sheet of the same magnitude (-57%) as the decline in the sector, Easyjet saw its number of weekly flights drop dramatically to -84%. With a high vaccination rate and collective immunity achieved, in 2024 French air traffic could reach 95% of the traffic observed in 2019, but if the infection is persistent then it will be only 71%.

And Yet There Is Hope

bookings for stays are on the rise. On June 9, a key date for the recovery of international tourism, the World Hotel Index records an increasing number of reservations made from abroad. Currently, around 37% of bookings recorded for the summer months were made by foreign customers, figures which approximate the international bookings curve of June 2019 (53%). Hotel reservations are picking up in France according to SiteMinder. The results for the month of May highlight the fact that bookings at local hotels increased by 81% compared to the same month of the previous year, reaching 47% of the level of the year 2019.

 France, The World’s Leading Tourist Destination.

France leads the most requested destinations by volume of interest (100) between May 1 and May 31, ahead of Spain (an interest volume of 13) and Italy (6), then Greece ( 5). France is the destination that recorded the most significant growth in tourism requests compared to April 2021 with growth exceeding 75%, followed by Spain (+ 75%), Italy (+ 75%), Greece, Portugal, Morocco , Algeria, Belgium, Croatia and the Netherlands (+ 75%). Conversely, we find Thailand (between -10 and -25%) and the Maldives (between -25% and 50%). 38% of French people do not want to leave before the end of the health crisis. France, and more precisely Disneyland Paris, only comes in 5th place among the most popular destinations for their travel plans, according to a ranking recently carried out by the British group Audley Villages, according to the

volumes of Google searches, Instagram hasthags, and press mentions. 70% of French people believe that they do not have enough vacations, but they intend to use their days off to discover Hong Kong, Mumbai or Tokyo.

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